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Rich with 30 years of experience in design and manufacturing of welded heat exchangers, pressure vessels and filters Nexson Group covers a large range of processes and applications such as Refinery, Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Coke Oven, Gas & Steel…

Heat exchangers

A maximum heat recovery for reduced maintenance costs

green Spiral – TYPE 1

 Liquid to liquid duties

  • Self-cleaning effect
  • For fouling duties
  • Single channel heat exchanger
  • Alternative to the shell & tube exchangers

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green Spiral – type 2


  • For large condensing applications
  • Can be directly mounted at the top of the column without any supporting system

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green Spiral – type 3

Steam heater

  • Steam heating with fouling duties
  • Low pressure drop
  • Robust construction for cycling

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Effluent treatment

  • Heat transfer area independant to shell
  • Optimised flow distribution per channel
  • Allow to work with agressive media

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green Spiral – TYPE 1

For high pressures / temperatures

  •  High temperatures and high pressures conditions up to 200 barg / 450°C
  • For fouling duties
  • Self-cleaning effect

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green Spiral – type 2

Biphasic application

  • Any condensing / vaporizing applications
  • Low pressure drop
  • Working conditions under vacuum
  • Can be column mounted

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Green Box – S BOX


  • Square corrugated plates welded together
  • Most robust heat exchanger of its category
  • Can handle semi fouling medias

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green plate

gasketed plate heat exchanger

  • Multipass heat exchanger
  • Flexible design
  • Corrugated plates

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green spiral – type 1

For Waste water plants / Biogas / Sludge handling

  • Special design to handle wastes
  • Biological treatment – Biogas plants
  • Alternative to tube in tube heat exchanger

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green Spiral – type 2

Biphasic application – column

  • For large condensing applications
  • Low pressure drop
  • Alternative to the shell & tube exchangers falling films

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GreenBox – W box

Liquid to liquid | Biphasic

  • Square corrugated plates welded together
  • Operable at extremely high pressures and temperatures
  • Full welded equipment

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GREEN tube

shell & tubes heat exchanger

  • Full welded equipment
  • High pressures and temperatures
  • Multipass channel



automatic filter


  • Robust construction
  • Crushing of rough particles
  • 100% cleaning of the whole filter surface
  • High backwash speed (up to 10m/s)

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automatic inline filter


  • Low backwash waterloss
  • High backwash speed (up to 10 m/s)
  • Inline construction
  • No differential pressure incrase during the filtering process

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green cip


  • For on site pipings and heat exchanger cleaning
  • No equipment dismantling
  • Autonomous equipment

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green skid

Process skid on request

  • On request

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Application areas

oil&gas | refinery

Oil and natural gas are fundamental in our time. Refineries are complex buildings and depend on round-the-clock operations. Avoiding unexpected and costly shut-downs requires robust and reliable technologies that can operate efficiently and cost-effectively in the harshest of environments.

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Chemistry combined with petrochemistry is the biggest market of heat exchangers in the industry. It is easily understandable if we consider the conception of the production processes which requires numerous stages of heat transfer. Nexson heat exchangers are adapted to comply with environmental constraints and high-pressure requirements.

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mining & steel

Production processes in heavy industry are often energy-intensive and generate a lot of heat. The big challenge is to keep production running smoothly despite the high temperature. Thanks to Nexson people great experience and the heat exchangers solutions offered, you will get the required performance and efficiency.

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pulp & paper

Paper use increases year on year, and has quadrupled over the past 50 years. Surrounded by continuously growing competition, the main goal of each plant is increasing its processes efficiency. Correctly organizing heat transfer for every stage of the manufacturing process is what plays the most important role in increasing the efficiency.

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To compensate the lack of energy in the future, solar energy is one of the best alternative. It is the renewable energy that has the most significant growth potential.
The Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) technology uses large sun-tracking mirrors to concentrate solar radiation. Products such as Spiral and condensers are needed.

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agro industries

The agro industry sector which groups industries so varied as starch, vegetable oil, brewery, food and sugar has become over the years a large consumer of heat exchangers.
It actually consumes a lot of energy and can lose it just as much. Hence the interest to think of getting back the heat via a Nexson customized heat exchanger, the reliability and cost effectiveness of which comply with the current food-processing standards.

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Pharmaceutical industry requires the highest hygienic standards in accordance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). Nexson heat exchangers are specially designed to meet the high sanitary requirements of this industry. They can be used for heating, cooling, and tempering
pharmaceutical products.

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Heat exchangers play an essential role in pollution prevention and in the reduction of environmental impact of industrial processes, by reducing energy consumption or recovering energy from processes in which they are used. Nexson spiral heat exchangers are specially designed for this process. They allow to handle big particles / fibers without any fouling or process shutdown.

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