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Our services

Nexson also innovates in services: you save time, resources and reliability

Custom revamping and maintenance in dedicated place or on site

Nexson Group has a team that can offer either the retro engineering of an existing heat exchanger or help you improve its exchange performances.

Our network of sales representatives and partners enable us to provide long-term technical support for the operation and maintenance of your exchangers. If needed, we also have partners for plate heat exchangers installation.  

Professional after-sales service

The Nexson Group as a manufacturer, provides support over the life of equipment. A team of competent and operational professionals are involved all over the world. This is the guarantee of long-term performance.

This high level of expertise provided by Nexson dedicated professionals ensures that YOU get the best possible product support.

Traceability of your product

The archiving of the production documents is ensured for each product.

Nexson guarantees traceability of supply and procedures to identify the source of any malfunction and to provide a quick and adequate solution.

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