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GreenBox ST is made of square studded plates welded together, forming the heart of the Heat Exchanger. There are no gaskets between the plates, instead a strong weld makes it leak proof. Only the removable side panels require gaskets for external sealing.

2 fouling medias

This welded heat exchanger is designed to handle one or two fouling medias at the same time. Fouling handling is done thanks to high turbulent flow between the plates and a plate gap up to 20mm allowing heavy particles to pass through the studded plates heat exchanger.


Bloc conception of the GreenBox ST allows a maximized high heat transfer surface. It can be installed vertically or horizontally and it does not need complex installation. This unit reduces significantly installation, footprint, operation and maintenance.

High volume flow with limited pressure drops

Green box welded heat exchanger is a multiple cross section heat exchanger which allows a different baffles arrangement according to the duty and pressure drop limitation required. Greenbox ST can handle two very different flow rates by adjusting the spacing between plates in order to maximize the speed on both sides.

available in duplex and superduplex

Greenbox ST, unlike the S and W range, can be manufactured in duplex and superduplex as there is no need to press the plates.

Low footprint

Reduced footprint compared to many other heat transfer technologies.

Easy to clean

Thanks to dismountable panels and wide gap construction, the welded heat exchanger is easy to clean with hydro pressure water jet.

Full inspection of the heat transfer area

By taking away the 4 panels you can access the whole heat transfer area for inspection during annual plant shutdown

Traditionally used as

  • Heat recovery
  • Heater
  • Cooler

Associated products

Green Box — S box

Biphasic application

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  • Stainless Steel
    304L / 1.4301
    316L / 1.4404                         Duplex S31803 / S32205      Superduplex / S32750
  • Stainless steel / Nickel based alloys
    254SMO / 1.4547
    Nickel 200/201                             904L / 1.4539                        Alloy 59
  • Titanium
    Titanium Gr2
    Titanium Gr12
  • Carbon steel
    SA 516 Gr60/70

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