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Nexson supplies different mining processing plants, and spiral heat exchange is a proven technology when it comes to fouling and erosive duty. Nexson spiral heat exchangers are specially designed for handling any mineral slurries.

Applications are:

  • Bauxite slurry heater
  • Uranium leaching
  • Zinc solution heater
  • Cooper leaching
  • Spent acid economizer
  • Tetrachloride titanium
  • Sulfate processing

Pulp & Paper

Pulp & paper market is a traditional market for spiral heat exchangers where the proof of self-cleaning and fibers handling has been made over the years.

Nexson spiral heat exchangers can handle any range of fibers content (from low to extremely high percentage)

Applications are:

  • White liquor, black liquor, green liquor heating / cooling or economizer
  • Liquors steam heaters
  • Turpentine condensers
  • Any heat recovery with fibers particles in water
  • Tall oil process


Nexson CIP (Clean In Place) system is available for cleaning pulp and paper process line.

As this industry consumes wide amounts of water, please refer to effluent treatment Nexson Spiral heat exchanger for STEP is available

Coke oven plants

Coke oven plants require many heat exchangers types over all duties to achieve. Our dedicated experts in long term relationships with worldwide licensors and end users can help you with exchangers supplies and process updates.

Applications are:

  • Final cooler / Coke gas treatment
  • Light oil recovery (benzene / oil)
  • Stripping oil processing
  • Ammonia (NH3), Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) recovery loop

Steel plants

Applications are:

  • Quench oil treatment
  • Coating / Painting treatment

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