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Welded heat exchanger with “baffles” for condensing / evaporation

High volume flow with limited pressure drops

Green box welded heat exchanger is a multiple cross section heat exchanger which allows a different baffles arrangement according to the duty and pressure drop limitation you specify.

Condensate + sub-cooling

After the condensing phase, with baffles arrangement, a heat area surface can be dedicated where you may want to get the condensate subcooled before to exit the unit.

Evaporation / Reboiler

Green box welded heat exchanger is a real one through heat exchanger thermosyphon reboiler / evaporator. Flow to reboil / evaporate is in single pass process mode.

Close temperature approach

Corrugated plates, combined with high K value allow to reach a very close temperature approach.

Interchangeable “heart” / Heat transfert area

Thanks to its modular construction, we can take out the heat transfer area from panel, get a new one and keep the existing panel.

In case of raw material changing requirement due to process evolution a long term operation approach is possible for this heat exchanger technology

Traditionally used as

  • vacuum condenser
  • overhead condenser
  • gas treating, sweetening processing
  • reflux condenser
  • vent condenser
  • steam heater
  • Thermosyphon reboiler

Associated products

Green box – S box

Liquid to liquid duties

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  • Stainless Steel
    304L / 1.4301
    316L / 1.4404                        
  • Stainless steel / Nickel based alloys
    254SMO / 1.4547
    Nickel 200/201                             904L / 1.4539                        Alloy 59
  • Titanium
    Titanium Gr1
    Titanium Gr11

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