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Gasketed plate heat exchangers

Gasketed plate heat exchangers are composed of individually stamped heat transfer plates with gaskets around every plates. The stacked plates are assembled and clamped together with tightening bolts, into a single frame.  Nexson Group offers many sizes, which allows variation in the number of plates and different stamp designs to cover all capacity ranges. Our units are designed to have higher efficiency with lower operating costs.

Greenplate™ are suitable for the widest variety of applications (Chemical, Oil&Gas, Agro industries, Heavy industries, Renewable energy, HVAC …)







Plates range


  • Stainless Steel
    304L / 1.4301
    316L / 1.4404
  • Stainless steel / Nickel based alloys
    254SMO / 1.4547
    Nickel 200/201                             904L / 1.4539                        Alloy 59
  • Titanium
    Titanium Gr1
    Titanium Gr11

Compact size and robustness

Nexson gasketed plate heat exchangers reduces significantly installation, operation and maintenance costs.

Low maintenance costs

Our heat exchangers are designed to maximize the heat transfer surface. They can be set up vertically or horizontally with no need for complex installations.

Flexible design

Possibility to add plates on the frame to increase capacity.

Corrugated plates

Our corrugated plates induce a high turbulent flow that makes the thermal efficiency higher than a traditional shell & tube heat exchanger.

Close temperature approach

Thanks to the corrugated plates, combined with high K value, you can reach a very close temperature approach and even get a crossing temperature.

Standard or customized

Nexson plate heat exchangers are standard models. The standard range gives you the opportunity to discover our products at a very limited cost and with a short delivery time.

Easy access for inspection and cleaning

This system allows an easy access in case of inspection, or eventual cleaning on both circuits. In one or multipass, you have access to all the plates by loosening the unit and moving the plates away from each other.

Sanitary design

Full inox frame from sanitary area where carbon steel have to be avoided.

Traditionally used as

  • Energy recovery
  • Heater
  • Process Cooler

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