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Nexson spiral heat exchangers used as « MEG RECYCLE HEATER» for Oil&Gas industry.

The Nexson Group spiral heat exchanger, used in MEG reclamation process, is a low-fouling spiral heat exchanger allowing to heat the high-flow salty MEG.

Our MEG recycle heater allows to heat the high-flow salty MEG :

– without fouling, a turbulent flow is created to handle tough medias. Since it is a single channel heat exchanger, if there is any cross section reduction inside the channel, flow velocity will increase, flushing out the deposits.
– without allowing suspended particulate matter to settle in the channel, Nexson spiral heat exchangers are designed to handle suspended fibers / particles in the media.
– without the recycled MEG being exposed to high temperatures, which could cause its degradation.

To find out more about how our liquid-liquid heat exchanger works check our video here :