Let us build the performance of your processes

Performance and values

Our capacity of innovation is YOUR performance indicator. Let’s create new value together!

Because they have the capacity to commit, create, innovate and act, our people -regardless of their level or their status- are the essential levers of performance to best meet your expectations by offering consulting advice, quality and advanced expertise

Reactivity and flexibility of an independent company

Largely autonomous and backed by a solid financial structure, Nexson can look forward to the long-term future as an independent company standing out as an innovative and exemplary player in heat exchangers development.

The motivation, experience and skills of Nexson team largely contribute to a professional support in your everyday projects.

Reliable delivery time

Delivery accuracy is one of the majour monitored quality / production point we focus on. Leadtime compliance is our motivation !

Expert authority, know-how and motivation

Our performance is the result of the commitment of all employees. From the engineer to the maintenance technician and the production companion, everyone has a keen sense of adaptation, responsiveness and professionalism. They were able to take up the different challenges they faced during major global contracts.

Reliable quality of our products aiming at a continuous customer satisfaction

Our ISO9001 v2015 certified French production guarantees permanent customer satisfaction. It complies with standards such as ASME, GOST, PED, U-STAMP, API 664, etc.…

Ecovadis active partner

As an active partner of Ecovadis ( http://www.ecovadis.com/ ), Nexson group shares the same philosophy  such as : “We envision a world where businesses are measured and rewarded as much by their sustainability as by financial or other measures, have a transparent view of its impact around the globe, are enriching their communities and growing ethically.”

Ecovadis audit evaluates CSR practices with ratings on 4 themes ; Environment, Social, Ethics and Supply Chain. Ecovadis helped us to  detail our strengths and opportunities for improvements.



For 30 years, the GRETH has linked an industrial group made up of more than 80 industrial producers focused on manufacturing heat exchangers and equipment as well as providing  solutions for thermal installations and efficient energy conversion.

As an active member of the GRETH (https://greth.fr), Nexson group is led by the desire to develop and integrate innovative components, a goal shared by the members of the GRETH. This drive to develop and integrate mainly revolves around heat exchangers and innovative methodologies to achieve significant gains in energy efficiency of industrial systems.


Our Quality Policy

All the actions which we implement have to contribute in the following directions:

  • Master our job by modernizing our tools, by passing on the know-how and by recruiting
  • Widen our clientele
  • Master our costs and deadlines
  • Favor the continuous improvement of our functioning
  • Reduce our waste and realize energy savings (water, electricity)
  • Allow our employees to evolve in a safe and secure environment. 

This state of mind, shared by the entire staff will contribute to:

  • the improvement of the satisfaction of our customers
  • work in new fields of activity (new customers – new products)
  • the increase of our efficiency, unique guarantor for the sustainability of our company