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Environment / BioEnergy

Sewage treatment – BioGas plants

Sewage treatment required process steps including heating and cooling very fouling medias.

During digestion phase (Anaerobic or thermophilic), digested sludge must be kept at the optimal digestion temperature. Nexson spiral heat exchanger are specially designed for this process. This allow to handle big particles / fibers without any fouling or process shutdown.

Raw sludge coming into the digested sludge can be heated with the digested sludge exiting the digester. Nexson provides solutions specially to handle both fouling medias at the same time.

Applications are:

  • Digested sludge heater (also used in methanation process)
  • Raw sludge preheating with digested sludge
  • Energy recovery at the inlet of sewage treatment plant
  • Biogas production


This sector requires a large amount of water looking more and more at energy recovery systems.

Nexson spiral heat exchanger is designed for industrial laundries to save energy during the washing tunnel process. It cools waste water effluents while preheating fresh water for washing tunnel. Besides reducing the consumption of electricity traditionally used to heat up water, this allows our end users to fulfill with the government restrictions regarding water discharging temperature.

Waste water is traditionally loaded with fibers, pens, rullers…. any kind of things we forget in the pockets of our clothes. Thanks to wide channel gap and single channel flow which create turbulent flow, Nexson spiral heat exchangers handle this duty without any fouling / downtime.

Applications are:

  • Waste water / Clean water economizer

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