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This month, Nexson Group is highlighted in the MADE IN FRANCE file on www.usinenouvelle.com, the leader in professional B2B information on economic and industrial news. This issue of the Usine Nouvelle is very important because the writing of the Usine Nouvelle makes the panorama of the French Industry with a poster of France of the Industry.

The interview of our Chairman, Mr. Charles Bonnafous, allowed him to present our company and develop the values ​​of our company that make Nexson Group the world leader in the field of welded compact heat exchangers.

Find the article directly on the site of the new factory: https://www.usinenouvelle.com/article/publiscopie-des-echangeurs-de-chaleur-no-limits-sur-mesure.N833660

And in paper version very soon in the magazine No. 3608 of the Usine Nouvelle.